Geldings Age 3 & Over for Sale

WRS Lets Hear It For The Boy

(Lil' Boy)


AMHA/AMHR  2012 30" Bay Gelding



Saxon Mount Aristocrat Of  Turo    x   Bar Ls Grand Prix


Foaled 2/07/2012



Do you love the Stock Type Miniature?



Both AMHA & AMHR now have Stock Type classes - and they are hugely popular!


For those who have spent years with Quarter Horses, Paints and other Stock breeds, these new classes are a great fit!




And this young gelding could be YOUR new Stock Horse!




Here's some info on this new division:


Stock Type Division

Standards of Conformation and Movement (taken from AMHA Rulebook)



An attractive horse where everything is proportionate and. All gaits are smooth and purposeful exhibiting natural athleticism. All parts tie in smoothly. Horses are judged on balance, structural correctness and sex characteristics. Of these, balance is the most important. 


- The American Miniature Horse Association’s Stock Type Horse normally stands at ease with his legs perpendicular to the ground and parallel with each other. The horse should exhibit a balanced stance and stand on the corners of his body, as opposed to being spread too far apart or crowded too close together, or parked out.


The head of an AMHA Stock Type Horse reflects inquisitive intelligence. He has a short, broad head that is straight or slightly dished topped by small to medium ears hooked towards the center line at the tips; kind wide

set eyes; large nostrils; small muzzle and firm mouth. A domed forehead is a fault.




The head of the AMHA Stock Type Horse joins the neck at a roughly 45-degree angle, with a slender throatlatch allowing him to move easily in any direction while maintaining his balance. The medium to long neck should be slightly arched and blend smoothly into sloping shoulders.






The AMHA Stock Type Horse’s short strong back is created by deep sloping shoulders tying in well back.

C H E S T  A N D F O R E L E G S

As demonstrated by the heart girth and relatively wide set forelegs, the AMHA Stock Type Horse is deep and broad in the chest. Smooth joints and short cannon bones are set on clean fetlocks and medium length pasterns are supported by healthy hooves. The forearm tapers to the knee, whether viewed from the front or back.


The short back of the AMHA Stock Type Horse is full and strong across the loins. The barrel is formed by deep, well sprung ribs which extend to the hip joints. The underline, or abdominal area, should rise cleanly to the flank. The point of the croup should be no higher than the top of the withers. The tail is set off a long, rounded croup.  


Viewed from either side or the rear, the hindquarters are broad, deep and adequately muscled through the thigh, stifle and gaskin down to the hock.

When viewed from the rear, there is adequate width extending evenly from the top of the thigh to the gaskin. The hocks are wide set, deep and straight.








Flat, strong bones, smooth joints and proper angulations form a leg that is attractive and functional. The hooves are proportionate to overall conformation


The AMHA Stock Type Horse should have muscling adequate to function,

but is not a heavily muscled breed. Overly heavy muscling is a fault. 


Stock Type horses track straight and true with a ground covering motion. At all times they should appear confident, balanced and athletic. Excessive knee and/or hock action is a fault.






After reading the criteria, it is apparent that Lil' Boy is a super example of a Stock Type Miniature.


He's just 30" tall - sweet as pie and already a show ring winner!


2015 AMHA Central Regional Championship  Res Champion Amateur Stock Type Gelding

2015 AMHA World Championship Show Top Ten (6th) Amateur Stock Type Gelding

GHMHC Year End High Point Amateur Senior Gelding Level 2


He's been started in Hunter & Halter Obstacle.


Lil Boy is brave and willing with an excellent work ethic and a curious, friendly attitude.


He's easy to fit up - sound, healthy and ready to go! Let him be your next show partner!





OFFERED at just $1,000.00






Rebecca Shepherd

(979) 661-6047


Located in Bellville, Texas 77418


(80818X) Ad updated 2/9/2018




PHR Muchachos Mambo Number 5



AMHR 2013 Bay Pinto 37" Gelding


Rivenburghs Lets Roll Muchacho    x   Grahams Sunswept's Destiny


Foaled 4/12/2013



He's a very talented, super handsome CLEAN SLATE!



Mambo is ready for a life partner and a new JOB.


He's too talented and sweet to continue as a pasture ornament.


His current owner has family obligations and other show horses so Mambo has been on the back burner and he's ready to set the show ring on FIRE!



He's tractable and trainable.






Mambo shows talent for the all around events including Hunter, Jumper, Showmanship, Trail and Driving.



Mambo's sire is a multi World & National Champion in Liberty, Driving and Halter.


Mambo should make a fantastic AMHR show gelding for any youth or amateur.



In fact he's already and AMHR National Top Ten as a yearling.






He's a brilliant bay pinto with a bright expression and a cheery disposition.


Mambo is priced super low to get him in a show home for 2018.



Offered at $1,500.00



Aimee Davis





Located in Chino Hills, California


(72318EX) Ad updated 1/23/2018




Ten Ls Cruisen In The Buff



AMHA/AMHR 2014 33.25" Smokey Black SHOW Gelding

2x AMHA Reserve World Champion

KMHB Nominated - He can win you $$$$ at any AMHA Approved Show!


Ten Ls Destinys In The Buff      x      Sage Bonnie Blue


Foaled 4/7/2014

2015 Reserve World Champion YOTE Geldings
2015 Reserve World Champion Youth Jr. Gelding 13-18

KMHB (Kentucky Miniature Horse Breeders) Nominated -


- He can win you money back at any AMHA approved show!






What a COOL all-around prospect!



Cruise is a good natured gelding with an excellent work ethic.



He's been shown and handled exclusively by youth/amateurs.



He's fresh and ready to win for YOU!




Cruise's sire (pictured at right) is a World Champion Get-of-Sire as well as a multi World and World Res Grand Champion producer.







Crusie shows great aptitude for performance events.


He has a bold, pretty trot and a pretty l head set and nice flexion at the poll.



We envision him as a superstar in showmanship, hunter and Liberty as well -



- a natural showman that is SUPER trainable!



PRICED AT $1,500









Emilie Burgin



Located in Marion, North Carolina


(717) Ad updated 1/1/2018





Ravenwood Cut To The Chase


AMHA/AMHR 2012011 33" Silver Dapple Pinto Gelding

4x World Champion - 1x Res World Champion

World GRAND CHAMPION Junior Gelding





IB A Martini Chaser


AMHR Registered 2012 33" Chestnut Gelding






Sand Creek Scouts Bravo Champ


AMHA/AMHR 2013 33" Silver Smoky Dapple Tobiano Gelding






LM Idols Black Ice


AMHA/AMHR 2014 Smokey Black 33" Gelding





Dakota San Juan Alberto


ASPC/AMHR 37" Palomino Driving SHOW Gelding






Sold from this page:

IB A Martini Chaser (November 2017)

Sand Creek Scouts Bravo Champ (October 2017)

LM Idols Black Ice (May 2017)

Dakota San Juan Alberto (February 2017)

Silver Meadows Jet's Dream (December 2016)

Avantes Prince Ace Of Coci (November 2016)

Hopkins The Jokers Cameo Appearance (November 2016)

Dayspring Captivating Kid (October 2016)

Pura Vidas Signature Silver Dollar (September 2016)

Strass Country Red E Callmelonesome (August 2016)

Zephyr Woods Da Yuper (August 2016) Congrats to Amy!

Crystal Ridge Beaus Jolais (August 2016)

Bear Branch Warpaint Feather (July 2016)

Azariahs Dandy Denali (June 2016)

Hopkins Phantom Of The Joker (May 2016)

Brookhavens Avatar (April 2016)

Designers Supers Private Investor (April 2016)

SRF Royalty (February 2016)

LM Idols Kashmir Hawk (October 2015)

3DM Captivations Cowboy Cassanova (September 2015)

Country Rds Hughstons Rio Grande (September 2015)

Clear Brooks KC Hanky Panky (August 2015)

Erica's All Eyes On Me (August 2015)

Patti's Night Vision (July 2015)

Designer Lifetime of Private Terms (July 2015)

Designer Supers Private Eye (July 2015)

Oceans East Corozon De Oro (July 2015)

Tiz Twilights Tossin It Up (June 2015)

GGs Tomahawk Chip (June 2015)

Ten Ls Dare To Be Buff (May 2015)

SRF Armani (April 2015)

Silver Meadows Doo The Jet (March 2015)

Silver Meadows Great Prophecy (February 2015)

Poco De Oro Rhythm N Blues (February 2015)

Hunterberry Hill Urban Edition (February 2015)

Alliance Fire Cracker (February 2015)

JJ's Outlaw Of SLF (January 2015)

SRF Challenger (December 2014)

WHF Shockin Sly Fox (December 2014)

Cygnet Farms Friday Night Lights (December 2014)

RHA Speedball Tucker (November 2014)

Alliance Buck Crusader (October 2014)

LM Idols Voo Doo Hawk (October 2014)

Condors Plainly Exceptional (September 2014)

ML Superstars Mr Melody (September 2014)

S Bar Ps Sirs Lucky Night



Investment Farms American Talent (September 2014)

Allure Ranch Spirits Kings Ransom (August 2014) Heading to Kentucky!

Cutter Caps Midnights Silver Shadow (August 2014)

CCMF Alliance Prodajay (August 2014)

DEWS Manatee Masterpiece (August 2014)

JSW Redis Color Of Fame (August 2014)

Bondes Bouncin B Orion Red Raider (HOF) (July 2014)

LR Creations Super Image

MRMs Blackjack Chip (May 2014) Heading overseas!

Nostalgias Follow Me (April 2014)

JSW Redis Sparks Of Fire (April 2014)

SRF Hot Topic (April 2014)

Brookhavens Elusive Lad (March 2014)

Mulligans Run Dreams Turbo Tax (March 2014)

AWF Aristocrats Classic Rock (February 2014)

Clearbrooks KC Featured In Style (February 2014) Congrats to Betty Yearwood Buice - GA

Falcon Ridge Seminole Warrior (February 2014)

Versatility Farm Pyrotechnics (January 2014)

Oak Bay Zip Along SE (January 2014 - Congrats to Dian Harris!)

Lymricks Pure Platinum - Sold to SWEDEN! Congrats to Eva Ruben!

MCC Robin Hoods Little John (December 2013)

Duke Dynamo (November 2013) Congrats to Monica Cook & family

Falcon Ridges Dancer (October 2013)

Erica's Pharoah's Kemosiri (October 2013)

SFMs Celebrities Little Buck (September 2013 - heading to Maine!)

Little Kings Buck All You Can

The Kids Magic Switch

ASW Buckin Irresistible

Silver Meadows Dans Leprechaun

Dayspring Golden Crown

First Knight Dom Perignon

SRF In Command

MTC Excel

SRF Royale

SRF Intrepid

Little Kings Exclusively Al

LM Idols Valentino Hawk

Honeysuckle Knoll Toys Little Rusty

Stars Shiraz



Another reason to purchase a GELDING!

AMHA 2013 Ultimate Gelding Regional Awards

The AMHA Ultimate Gelding Regional Awards are awards that will be presented each year at the AMHA Regional Championship Shows.  Awards will be presented to the top - 2 - placings for each division.

The awards are based on points and will be awarded in three divisions – youth, amateur and open.  Points will follow the horse, and the appropriate award will be presented to the RECORDED owner as of the transfer and/or Lease deadline for the Regional shows in the current show year.

New Program!

AMHA supports our Geldings

Historically there have  been an average of 40 geldings that participate at each Regional Championship Show. This new program replaces the old Ultimate Gelding Awards, which had limited participation. Many more exhibitors and their Geldings will be able to participate in this new and improved program!

The AMHA Ultimate Gelding

Regional Awards are awards that will be presented each year at the AMHA Regional Championship Shows! Award buckles will be presented to the top – 2-placings for each division. The awards are based on points and will be awarded in three divisions – youth, amateur and open. Points will follow the horse, and the appropriate award will be presented to the RECORDED owner as of the transfer and/or Lease deadline for the Regional shows in the current show year.

1) Although non-nominated horses will be eligible to compete in the specified classes for Regional Championship Show titles, only nominated geldings will be eligible to receive AMHA Ultimate Gelding Regional Awards.

2) A nominated horse exhibited by a youth must be owned by that youth or an immediate family member as defined in YD-010 C pertaining to AMHYA titles and awards. All YOTE rules and restrictions apply to the YOTE gelding class.
There are 12 awards broken down by:

Youth halter, Youth Performance to include YOTE (to include Special Needs Youth), Amateur Halter, Amateur Performance (to include AOTE), Open Halter and Open Performance (to include Special Needs Adult).
A 1st & 2nd in each division!!!

Nominated Geldings may earn points in most classes. Look for the info on the Amha website for details. The points will be awarded according to where the nominated geldings place in their prospective classes. Points will be awarded for 1st thru 10th placings. 1st place getting 10 points, 2nd getting 9 points and so on. Should there be less than 10 entries, points will be awarded accordingly; for example: with 5 horses; 1st place gets 5, 2nd gets 4 and so on.

A gelding must be nominated by:

■ Completing a nomination form and giving the form and required nomination fee to show management “before” the horse goes into his first class.

■ All Geldings will receive a number out of a special series of numbers to make tracking them easier. For Example 900,901,902,903, etc.

The nomination fees are as follows:

■ Youth/YOTE - $25.00

■ Amateur/AOTE - $25.00

■ Open - $25.00

A gelding can be nominated in one, two or all three divisions.

Show your support for this great program!





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