Miniature Driving Geldings



Nor-Lea's Midnight Star By Starman



AMHR Registered 2002  Black Appaloosa 34.5" ALL-AROUND Gelding










Ten Ls Dare To Be Buff


AMHA/AMHR 2012 35" Buckskin Pinto DRIVING Gelding








NM Whispering Pines Casino Legacy (HOF)




AMHA/AMHR 32" Black Pinto Res National Champion Gelding


Sierra Dawn Commanders Casino Gold     x      Pecan Groves Take A Chance


Foaled 2/18/2011


What a list of accomplishments!



Check out the highlights of Casino's 2016 winnings!


2016 AMHR Reserve National Champion Youth Pleasure Driving ages 13-17
2016 AMHR Reserve National Champion Youth Pleasure Driving ages 8-12
2016 AMHR HOF Roadster





This talented gelding is ready to take his next youth or amateur to the TOP of their game!



Casino's sire is a multi WORLD titled driving stallion.


He is a World Champion in Single Pleasure Driving, Youth Roadster, Gentleman's Roadster and a World GRAND CHAMPION Roadster Horse.




Casino's dam is a successful descendant of RICHTERS APACHE.



Casino is an energetic, fun gelding that will make a perfect partner for an amatuer or an older youth.


He's talented and kind.



He was shown successfully by two youths in 2016 and came home with multiple National titles.


He's fit and ready for his new show partner!






Angie Moore

(727) 851-2324


Located in New Port Richey, Florida


(217) Ad updated 1/31/2017





Dayspring Heritage Spirit



AMHA/AMHR 2012 33" Bay Pinto Gelding


Dayspring I Mean To Shine    x    Scouts Razzmatazz


Foaled 04/17/2012



Looking for an athletic, good minded gelding to show in 2017 and beyond?



Chevy is ready to start his show career.







He's a handsome blood bay pinto with white socks -



- surely a stand-out in the driving arena once he's trained.


Chevy has huge, fluid movement with a ground covering, sweeping stride.


He moves freely from his shoulders, with natural drive from his hocks.






He will make a fantastic Classic Driving Horse and should move up to Country Pleasure with additional training.



Chevy has an excellent work ethic.


He's easy to handle & aims to please.


His paternal line is full of Champions.


His sire, DAYSPRING I MEAN TO SHINE (pictured at right; owned and loved by Dayspring Miniatures) is a World GRAND CHAMPION Halter stallion.


He is also a multi World Champion producer.






"Shine" is by World Champion FF NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH who is sire to the incredible DAYSPRING NEIGHBORHOOD JOYRIDE.



Joyride's impressive show record includes 2x World Champion, 6x Reserve World Champion and 2x World Res GRAND CHAMPION Single Pleasure Driving Horse.



Regretfully offered for sale due to school commitments.



This talented young gelding is ready to train YOUR way.



Buy him and start his driving training NOW. He can be your 2017 all-around horse!










Joni Charles

(336) 972-8393


Located in Winston Salem, North Carolina


(217) Ad updated 5/24//2017





Modern Candymans Dalton



AMHA/AMHR 2014 34" Bay SHOW Gelding



Modern Golds Candyman     x     Lynncliffs Daring Shade



Foaled 5/04/2014




What more could youi ask for?



This gelding is already a been-there-done-that horse that is a consistent winner wherever he's shown.






In 2015 He was the 2015 AMHR National Champion Yearling Gelding, 30-32". National Champion Junior Gelding, Under and AMHR National GRAND CHAMPION Gelding, Under.


Dalton is a gelding with lots of "spark" yet tractable and kind.




He has an excellent work ethic and we expect him to excel in the performance arena in 2017.



His current owners have already accomplished more than they ever dreamed with him.






He is offered for sale so YOU can fulfill YOUR dreams of huge neck sashes and trophies too.






PRICE RIGHT AT $6,500.00





Dawn Henrich

(325) 672-5874


Located in Ocala, Florida


(117) Ad updated 12/24/2016





Rucker Creeks Justa Chance



AMHR #332752B 2009 36" Black DRIVING Gelding



VS Ace Of Spades    x    Sunnyside Sophisticated Pantina


Foaled 09/01/2009






It's SO hard to find a talented, trained Miniature Horse GELDING!



Seems people tend to hang on to them as they are worth their weight in GOLD.


"Chance" is offered for sale to the perfect home.



He's talented AND beautiful - SAFE, sound and kind.



Chance has been successfully shown in Country Pleasure Driving and Roadster, bringing home top ribbons in both divisions.


In 2016 he was AMHR National Top TEN in MULTIPLE classes.


At 36" tall, he's the ideal size for any adult driver - and safe enough for a teen or experienced youth to drive & show.



More photos coming soon!



Watch him at 2016 Nationals in video (below) - you can recognize him by his blaze and BOLD white muzzle!




PRICED LOW AT $2,750.00








Rick Peters

(502) 457-8358



Located in Elfrida, ARIZONA


(117) Ad updated 12/19/2016




Looking for a new venue to compete your Miniature Horse?

Not familiar with Combined Driving?

Here's some information taken from the American Driving Society website:

Competition among drivers and their horses began ages ago, but the organized sport of Combined Driving of today bears little resemblance to the chariot races of old.  The sport we know as combined driving is relatively young on the world scene, the first comprehensive and standardized rules having been laid down in the early 1970s under the leadership of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  Combined Driving has been patterned after ridden Three-Day Eventing which in turn has its roots in the exercises of comprehensive mounted military exercises.

Tradition and modern innovation are melded in these resourceful competitions. Combined Driving is one of eight equine sports governed at the international level by the FEI and at the National Federation level by USEF.  Nationwide, the American Driving Society provides for graduated levels of experience  – Training, Preliminary, Intermediate, and ADS-Advanced levels for both drivers and equines as they begin and as they become more adept at the sport on local and regional levels, perhaps even on to participation in national-level events.

Rules in Combined Driving are aimed at safety, welfare, and fairness for all concerned.  The ADS Rulebook tells us that “at ADS-recognized events, the purpose of all Competitions is to match the talents of horse and driver combinations against each other under fair and equal conditions.”  It is in ADS arenas that drivers of all talents and equipages may find their levels of comfort or challenges of advancement in order to develop into perpetually better drivers and horse persons. Rules and scoring are precise in Combined Driving, based on a system of “penalties,” so the lower the score the better.

Together, drivers and equines of any breed or size form cohesive partners. Equines in singles, pairs, tandems, unicorns, and four-in-hands may compete in Combined Driving. Just as essential to these partnerships are the grooms or navigators, those second or third persons on the carriage who, though they never touch the reins or whip, provide brains and support as well as balance and ballast.

Sometimes likened to a team triathlon, a Combined Driving Event consists of three competitions – Dressage, Marathon, and Obstacle/Cones -- that are held over one, two, or three days.  The sport is intended to showcase the versatility, training and talents of both horse and driver.  Through participating in ADS events, drivers and horses or ponies may develop in increasing levels of proficiency.

The Dressage competition can be said to be the foundation for the rest of the sport.  In Dressage, horses or ponies and their drivers drive individually in specified patterns and gaits to demonstrate the skills, obedience, and development appropriate to their levels of training before the watchful eyes of one or more judges. Dressage develops and displays polish, discipline, and athleticism of equine and driver dancing together.

After the showcase of beauty and control that is Dressage, the next competition is often the cross-country Marathon.  Here, the driver tests his mettle and that of his horses or ponies in control of paces and speeds, agility, obedience, and endurance over distances of eight to eighteen kilometers. Not only do competitors cover distance, they also negotiate challenge “obstacles” every kilometer or so, in which they choose their paths to go through “gates” in the correct direction and sequence.  At Training level, these marathon obstacles are geared toward being a learning experience, and as levels of competence increase, so do speeds and numbers of obstacles and gates. It is in this competition especially that the partnership of the “navigator” becomes critically important, as this competition requires thinking. In this competition as in Dressage, ADS rules encourage a careful development of horse and driver as each level brings new and greater challenges in speeds, distances, and complexities. It is on Marathon that Dressage training really pays off, and thrills abound.

Having proven their mettle in the control of Dressage and the jubilation of Marathon, pony or horse and driver must finally find that combination of boldness, agility, energy and precision that is Obstacle/Cones driving.  In this competition, drivers and their steeds drive between precisely spaced pairs of cones over a prescribed course of up to 20 “ obstacles” driven in correct sequence and direction and within an allowed time based on the size of equine and level of advancement.  Here again, as drivers and horses develop and move up in “levels,” speeds increase and clearances between cones decrease, making for challenges and fun that never stop. Cones may be seen as that meld of elegance and thrills that consummates the competition set to demonstrate the fitness, mind and training of the horse following the more physical challenges of the Marathon. 







McCarthy's Black Bart  (HOF)


ASPC/AMHR 2006 38" Black Res National Champion Driving Gelding








Michigan's Mud Slide (HOF)


ASPC/AMHR 38" Buckskin Show/Driving Gelding









MTC Santa Cruse

AMHA/AMHR 2007 32" Bay PROVEN Driving Gelding






H Bar DS Double Vision


AMHA/AMHR 2006 32" Dark Grey Pinto All Around Gelding









MTC Positraction


AMHA/AMHR 2006 33.5" Bay Classic Pleasure Driving Gelding







Eriks Prince Thor


AMHA/AMHR 2009 Black 33" Country Pleasure Driving Gelding




A Classic Views Storm Cloud


AMHA/AMHR 2011 Black Pinto Single Pleasure Driving Gelding



Sold from this page:

Nor-Leas Midnight Star By Starman (June 2017)

McCarthys Black Bart (January 2017)

Michigan's Mud Slide (January 2017)

MTC Santa Cruse (December 2016)

Bar HDS Double Vision (July 2016)

MTC Positraction (July 2016)

MLT San Juan Robertos Maximillian (January 2016)

Gander Hill Devils Anse (December 2015)

RFMs Scouts Aristocrat (December 2015)

Scott Creek Toy 4 Me (September 2015)

White Tails Im Outta Your League (April 2015)

Royal Oaks Painted Berry (March 2015)

Aloha Acres It Must Be Magic (February 2015)

Huskers Rowdy Rascal (January 2015)

Alliance Buck Crusader (October 2014)

Investment Farms American Talent (September 2014)

Cutter Gaps Midnights Silver Shadow (August 2014)

MRMs Blackjack Chip (May 2014) Heading overseas!

Nostalgias Follow Me (April 2014)

SRF Hot Topic (March 2014) Congrats to Meredith Weaver!

Lymricks Pure Platinum (September 2013) Sold to SWEDEN through MiniHorseSales!

Clearbrooks KC Featured In Style (February 2014)

Falcon Ridge Seminole Warrior (February 2014)

Little Kings Buck All You Can


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