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Slow Feeder

Slow Feeder (# KMSF)

This wonderful feeder slows your horse down and allows him to “graze” longer. Fits a small flake of hay. Also helps keep your horse occupied. Excellent feeder for stalls and pens.


18 tall x 14 wide, with 3 gusset


Black only



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Griffinbrook.com is a full-service tack shop featuring equipment, tack, apparel and supplies for horses miniature to draft. Our website has a Miniature Horse section with many fine items designed for the VSE (Very Small Equine)! We also offer embroidery service, brass plate engraving and tack repair.

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Leather Halter with FREE nameplate!

Made in AMERICA!

This halter is made with real Minis in mind.


It is handcrafted here in the states and made in 4 different sizes fitting everything from the mini babies to full-grown ponies. It is 3/8" wide, vegetable tanned leather in brown or black with white stitching. Has adjustable crown, nose and snap throat.

The sizes (leather itself) measure as follows:

Foal: single-thickness crown, chin and nose straps, dark brown only, 3" cheek, crown to nose 25" all the way out, noseband 6 1/2" with adjustable chin strap.

Small - 3-3/8" cheeks, crown to nose 25" all the way out, noseband 6" with adjustable chin strap

Medium - 4-1/4" cheeks, crown to nose 28" all the way out, noseband 7" with adjustable chin strap

Large (fits small ponies) - 5" cheeks, crown to nose 33" all the way out, noseband 8" with adjustable chin strap

X-Large (fits most ponies) - 6 1/2" cheeks, crown to nose 36 1/2" all the way out, noseband 9" with adjustable chin strap

Free name plate with any leather halter. Just put the name to be engraved in the comment box along with your choice of block or script.

Click on GRIFFINBROOK logo to order yours today!

Made in the USA!

#JW200 Economy Non-adjustable Nylon Halter

Available with adjustable chin.

An adjustable chin allows you to tighten or loosen around the nose.


Size is based on height at withers:

Small (27" - 29" horse)

Average (30" - 32" horse)

Large (33" - 35" horse)

Pony (36+ pony)



3/4" 2-ply nylon, eyelet holes are burned to prevent fraying, no color choice. 

Well made Amish basic halter.  (similar to photo but NOT adjustable noseband)


ozark mountain mini tack minitack.com

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