The 2013 Babies are arriving!

Mulligans Run Silent Heirloom



AMHA/AMHR Eligible Bay Pinto Filly - SILENT PARTNER Grand daughter!

Mulligans Run Partners Iminent Heir    x    Mulligans Run Silk N Pearls


Foaled 3/2013


This little baby doll will be ready to be weaned soon! You can also purchase her WITH her pretty momma (PEARL, on our "Broodmares" page)

Jewel is a grand daughter of McCarthys Aloha Silent Partner - 2010 AMHA World Champion Get-Of-Sire and WORLD Res GRAND CHAMPION Senior Stallion! Her sire, Heir, is out a a direct ROWDY daughter!

This little filly is bred to the MAX! She should mature about 32". With her rich bay color and high white socks, she is sure to be noticed in the show ring - and check out her dainty little head!


Priced at $1200.00

or $2000.00 with her dam


Contact for details


Jewel is located in Lexington, South Carolina

2013 Filly by LM Hawks Kodakrome


AMHA/AMHR Registered Bay Pinto Filly - NIGHTHAWK Grand daughter!

LM Hawks KodaKrome    x    LM Mischiefs Elvira Blue


Foaled 3/28/2013


WOW! This doll baby filly has all the makings of a World Champion. She has powerful, proven bloodlines. Her sire is a son of the prolific Champion Farms Nighthawk and her dam boasts NRC, Blue Boy and the best of the Bond bloodlines.

But you don't need to look at her pedigree to see that this stunning pinto is all that .... This filly has legs that go on forever and a naturally hooked neck and tiny head. She's bright and expressive with a "show me" attitude.

Elvira is priced right to a show home - don't be afraid to inquire! It will be worth your time!


Please e-mail for price - she is priced to sell!


Janet King
3837 FM 1643
Winnsboro, Texas 75494


This filly is located in Winnsboro TX


Stars Guiding Light



AMHA/AMHR Black & White Pinto Show Filly

Nirvanas Black Knight (Gator)   X   Boones Little Starlet


Foaled 3/24/2013

This black and white stunner won't last long at this great price!


I hand picked her incredible dam just for Gator and I am so happy to see I was right. Not only is this filly beautiful headed, she couldn't be marked any better with 4 white legs and an "Oreo" middle.


Check out her video here!


Light has been strong and correct since day one. I love how upright she is and how incredible her body is with that great, flat top line. She is the perfect blend of Gator, a multi World Champion sire who is known for exotic heads, and her dam, who is smooth bodied and upright.

This filly has a lot of presence and attitude. She just floats across the pasture. Should mature around 33". She is AMHA registered and comes with an R application and she has been nominated for the AMHR Futurity! I know this flashy filly won't last long!



Sire: Nirvanas Black Knight                     Dam: Boones Little Starlet


Priced at $3500.00


Stars Miniatures

Stars Winning Edge

Mike & Allison Rosauer

Spurger, TX

Light is located In Spurger Texas

MiniEquine A Ravenwood Christmas




AMHA/AMHR Eligible Chestnut Pinto FUTURITY NOMINATED Show Filly

Fallen Ash Eagles Red To Remember    x    Ravenwood Aristocrat Only The Best


Foaled 4/04/2013


Quality doesn't happen by chance, but by a carefully planned breeding of two perfectly matched horses. Such is the case with Chrissy.

This breathtaking filly is by World GRAND Champion producer, Fallen Ash Eagles Red To Remember (Grayson). His pedigree is a who's-who of the Miniature world's TOP horses. Grayson is a grandson of BOTH L&D Scout and Boones Little Buckeroo with 2 crosses back to Little King Supreme as well as Whitmaacks Mickey Mouse (a Gold Melody Boy son), and Boones Little Andy.

Not only has Grayson produced a World GRAND Champion - but also MULTIPLE World Champions in both halter & driving/performance.


Chrissy's dam, Ravenwood Aristocrat Only The Best (Panda) is a daughter of World Champion producing SRF Aristocrat as well as a grand daughter of L&D Scout. She is a GRAND Champion & an Eastern Regional Champion Mare.

With a pedigree this HUGE, this tiny filly is bound for greatness. Chrissy has a doll baby head, huge eyes, long hooked neck and a perfect topline. She should mature 30" - 31".

Chrissy is a perfectly marked pinto with just the right amount of white to enhance her natural beauty.



Sire: Fallen Ash Eagles Red To Remember                 Dam: Ravenwood Aristocrat Only The Best


Inquire for price


For information and addition photos please contact:


Sandy Revard


Chrissy is located in Catlett, Virginia


Stars Good Knight Sweetheart



AMHA Registered AMHR Eligible & Futurity Nominated Gray 2013 Filly

Nirvanas Black Knight    x    Flying W Farms Blues Shallimar Gold


Foaled 4/10/2013

You see Gator all over this precious 20.5" ball of fire.

The dramatic eyes, the tea cup muzzle, the long snakey neck and the non stop attitude! She got her dam's amazing body with a short back, great top line and she is correct and balanced.


This filly is AMHA registered and AMHR eligible. She is also R Futurity Nominated. She will be a dream to show with all her expression and her attitude. I was very excited to cross this mare on Gator as Blue Boy bred mares have crossed very well on First Knight bred stallions in the past.

She is one I am so excited about seeing in a few months when I can body clip her because I know she is going to be a typical Gator child and just get stronger and better with time. We expect this filly to mature around 31 inches. She is steel grey right now, but should eventually turn white as she gets older.

Show her and enjoy her, then she will be the kind of mare that can cross so many different ways as she is a good size, has a pretty face and amazing bodied.


Sire: Nirvanas Black Knight                    Dam: FWF Blues Shallimar Gold

*I probably shouldn't have favorites - but this pretty filly is my FAVORITE Stars weanling on the site! I love everything from her color to her delicate presence - even her cool NAME! I'm hoping someone scoops her up before I take my  checkbook out!

~ Karen 8-)




Priced at ONLY $3500.00



Stars Miniatures

Stars Winning Edge

Mike & Allison Rosauer

Spurger, TX


Sweetheart is located In Spurger Texas

Double Treble Lady Echo



AMHA/AMHR (Pending) 2013 Weanling Show Filly

Triple K Boogies Mr Echo    x    A Stable Business Shirley A Bouncer


Foaled 5/02/2013


This dainty little filly is really starting to blossom! She just keeps getting better and better.

Echo is a bright bay filly with a dorsal stripe and cross. She has a beautiful filly with lots of energy and spunk. Echo should make a super show filly. She's balanced and correct with a delicate head and long neck that seems to get longer each day. She is inquisitive, fearless and friendly.

She has a future as bright as her brilliant color! Show her, then breed her - imprint her like YOU want to! Echo should mature about 32.5 - 33".


Priced at $1500.00

with show home discount offered!


For more information, please contact:

Morgan Merja


Echo is located in Montana

Stars Give Me Hope



AMHA Registered 2013 Chestnut SHOW Filly by "Gator"

Nirvanas Black Knight    x    Miss Crissy


Foaled 3/15/2013


Finally another baby out of a mare I love, Miss Crissy.

Her last foal, Stars Gives Me Fever, has been winning big in Denmark, winning Yearling of the Year Honors. Crissy has also produced numerous World Top Tens, Regional Grands and Supreme Champions. After two years of no foals, I was "hoping" to get another baby out of her, especially a tiny, elegant filly with a neck that is soooo looong and a teeny precious head!

Gator is a multi World Champion sire as well as siring numerous Honor Roll Champions. His babies are great to show having amazing attitudes, and they are just happy horses to be around.

Gator always gives me refinement and pretty heads and this doll is no exception. Did we mention how long her neck was?! She will make a super sweet show filly for some lucky buyer. We expect her to mature around 31". Just 18.5 as of 4/15.


With her exceptional pedigree, refinement and attitude, you can't miss!



Sire: Nirvanas Black Knight                             Dam:  Miss Crissy



Priced at ONLY $2500.00



Stars Miniatures

Stars Winning Edge

Mike & Allison Rosauer

Spurger, TX

Hope is located In Spurger Texas

MiniEquine Idols Semi Sweet

(Semi Sweet)

2013 AMHA/AMHR Registered FUTURITY NOMINATED Palomino Show Filly

First Knights Billy Idol    x   RFM DarkKnights Simplisensational


Foaled 4/4/2013


Few stallions have made a mark on the Miniature Horse show world like BILLY IDOL has. A 2x Res WORLD Champion himself, Billy Idol has quickly become one of the TOP sires of WINNING show horses in the world today.

Billy Idol is the AMHA 2009 Get-Of-Sire World Champion and his get have accumulated dozens of World & National Championships, World GRAND Championships and too many World & National Top Tens to count.

His foals consistently dominate the show ring in halter, and now in performance.

When crossed with quality mares, the results are almost magical. Semi Sweet is a perfect example.


    Sire: First Knights Billy Idol            Dam: Simplisensational (Semi)


Semi Sweet's dam has a pedigree that includes L&D Scout, Little King Supreme & Rowdy as well as the famous "HAWK" - 4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure, who was instrumental for putting Reece Family Miniatures on top of the Mini Horse world. "Semi" is a World Top Five mare in halter and a Unanimous Regional CHAMPION Liberty Horse.

Semi Sweet has big "shoes" to fill - her FULL sibling, LittleUn Farm Semis Amber Idol is a 2x AMHA World Champion, first as a Yearling Mare, then in 2012 as a Senior Mare. Semi Sweet is up to the challenge.

This dynamic filly is a golden palomino with a tiny, chiseled face & huge dark eyes. Her long, hooky neck ties in high out of her shoulder and tapers to a naturally trim throat latch.

Semi Sweet has delicate long legs and a tight, trim barrel. She should mature around 32" and is destined for stardom. She is ultra feminine VERY showy with a sweet inquisitive nature. She is ready to take her new owner into the winner's circle!


Inquire for price

For information and addition photos please contact:


Sandy Revard


Semi Sweet is located in Catlett, Virginia




Stars Golden Goddess



AMHA/AMHR Eligible ~ AMHR Futurity Nominated Palomino Show Filly

Nirvanas Black Knight (Gator)    x    Little Kings Buffy Buckeroo


Foaled 3/22/2013


Goddess is one of those special fillies that offers it all to the discriminating buyer who wants beauty, refinement, a pretty head, a long neck with that "Hooky" arch to it, short back, correct legs, attitude, expression, movement and to top it off, pure royal pedigree! All that and maturing around 32".


Lucky for anyone wanting a stunning filly at a great price that I have two client fillies here at the farm that are the same size as this filly. I am reluctantly offering her for sale, but if she is not sold it definitely will not hurt my feelings.

Her exceptional dam, multiple World Champion producer and World Champion Produce Of Dam winner, LK Buffy Buckeroo is 21 years old this year, and I will gladly keep Goddess back for my program. I am looking forward to my future breedings of some of the gorgeous headed and refined Gator daughters anyway.

Check out her video here!

Her sire, Gator is a Multi World Champion sire with just a few foal crops on the ground. Hurry up on this filly before I change my mind and she disappears from the sales page forever!!!


PRICED AT $3500.00



Stars Miniatures

Stars Winning Edge

Mike & Allison Rosauer

Spurger, TX

Goddess is located In Spurger Texas



Stars Miss Majestic


2013 AMHA/AMHR Registered STUNNING Black Show Filly

Fallen Ash Scouts Majesty    x   Misty Rose Irish Dawn


Foaled 2/21/2013

When you breed Miniature Show Horses, babies like this are what you dream about.

Pretty heads, graceful, arched necks, short backs and lots of prissy attitude. This filly's beauty isn't an accident.


She is Scout bred top and bottom and this Scout line breeding has been extremely successful time and time again. Sophie's sire, Majesty, is one of the last Scout sons and we were thrilled to buy him! He is quickly earning our respect as he throws one beautiful foal after another. Dawn is a mare that had already produced several Champion show horses when crossed on another Scout son, so we were very excited about our odds.


Sire: Fallen Ash Scouts Majesty                         Dam: Misty Rose Irish Dawn


This filly was all we hoped for and more. We can't wait to watch her unfold over the next couple of months! Should mature around 32". This filly is registered A & R and is Futurity Nominated in both registries!







Stars Miniatures

Stars Winning Edge

Mike & Allison Rosauer

Spurger, TX


Sophie is located In Spurger Texas




Stars Going To Love Me



AMHA Registered/AMHR Eligible & Futurity Nominated SHOW Filly


Nirvanas Black Knight    x    Stars LM Hawks Summer Snow


Foaled 2/23/2013


This filly's face just makes you smile!

Mimi is definitely her fathers child. She is really wide across her eyes and very short from her eye to her nostril. Her eyes are HUGE and her ears are great!

This filly is high headed, short backed and very strong and correct! She was an absolute joy to do photos and video of. Her attitude, willingness and curiosity were amazing for a baby. She definitely made our job easy.


Gator, her sire, is from one of the hottest bloodlines anywhere. First Knight has breed numerous World Grand Champions that have produced World Grand Champions for generations. On her dam's side, you have one of the best broodmare sires that ever lived ~ Champion Farms Nighthawk! This filly is pure blue blood that can win in the show ring and then be a star in any breeding program!



       Sire: Nirvanas Black Knight                  Dam: Stars LM Hawks Summer Snow



I am reluctantly offering this filly at $3,500.00 so I can kick off that program in style and prove STARS offers great fillies at great prices. AMHA Registered, R Eligible and R Futurity Nominated.


Watch her video on YouTube!


ONLY $3,500.00



Stars Miniatures

Stars Winning Edge

Mike & Allison Rosauer

Spurger, TX

Mimi is located In Spurger Texas




JA Miniatures Super Charger

Stars Glamourous

Caldwells Hey Good Looking

Dundees Replicas Short Story

Mulligans Run Dreams Spellbound

LR Hennesseys Blue Angel

SFM Bucks Lil

MJM Buckeye WCF Belle Amore

MJM Aristocrats Belle Noire

LR Hennesseys Dream Girl

Brookhavens Let Me Down Easy

Brookhavens Martini With A Twist


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